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Laminate Flooring

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Laminate Flooring

Visit us and see our huge range of high quality laminate flooring for you to choose from, we have the industry’s leading brands such as Quickstep along with many others and feel sure you will find the colour and style that you are looking for..

With over 2 decades of experience in fitting laminate floors and award winning installations to our name we are the laminate floor specialists that have the answers when it comes to choosing and installing laminate flooring


What is Laminate Floooring?


A laminate floor is a layered floor built around a watertight, glued High Density Fibre (HDF) board. In general these floors are made from four different layers:


This top layer makes laminate flooring highly resistant to wear, staining, indentation, scratching, burns and household chemicals. It is made from a number of melamine layers that are applied onto an HDF core board under high pressure and temperature. The surface layer is then finished with the relevant wood or tile texture/structure, this is known as ‘registered-embossing’. This means that this surface texture/structure is aligned with the decor layer.

2. Décor layer

This is the layer that creates the appearance of the floor. The décor layer is a high resolution photo of real wood or tiles that is reproduced using sophisticated printing techniques. The alignment of décor and wear layer makes for a very realistic imitations of real wood and stone. An alternative to a décor layer is to print the décor on the HDF logo-egger core.


3. HDF core board

The HDF core board is the backbone of any laminate floor. HDF stands for ‘High Density Fibre Board’. It consists of wood fibres and high quality melamine resin. On a eco-friendly point HDF is a re-composed wood-fibre board which uses all parts of the tree. The board is extremely durable, stable and highly moisture resistant.

4. Balancing layer

This moisture-resistant backing layer provides a perfectly balanced board ensuring that when the flooring is properly installed and maintained it will not cup, distort or bow.

Care and Maintenance Guides

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