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Roger oates

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Roger and Fay Oates have been designing and hand producing their uniquely smart, simple and classic pure wool Venetian Flatweave rugs and runners in the UK for over 25 years.

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Roger and Fay’s combined eye for colour mixed with practicality and their own standards of excellence, has taken a historic flatweave from being a relatively humble floor covering to being considered today’s must-have top end interior flooring product that merges imagination, creativity, style and practicality. The product is now a design staple for floors and stairs in this country and across Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Australia.

At our showroom we display the fabulous Roger Oates Floors. A favourite with interior designers for that unique look and style.

We invite you to come in and feel the hand woven product that is like no other and let your imagination run wild. Your eye can almost feel the texture of the weave before you reach out to touch it.